About Vancouver Island North Film Commission

INFilm is a fully certified member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) with over 23 years of experience.

What does INFilm do?

Promotes our region to the domestic and international film industry as a prime location for film, television and commercial productions by:

  • Attending numerous trade shows, international cineposiums and federal trade missions
  • Maintaining and uploading to our Reel-Scout online location library database accessible to production companies world-wide which will contain a huge collection of photographs of locations from all of Northern Vancouver Island

Provides information to producers on local crew, equipment and services by:

  • Producing and maintaining a web site providing resources and information to companies who wish to film in our region
  • Developing and maintaining an online crew database linked to our web site to provide an efficient way for experienced and qualified local crew to present their credentials, and for production companies to plan their crew needs
  • Developing and maintaining online services databases containing categorized and indexed listings of businesses and individuals able to provide a wide range of goods and services within the communities we serve.
  • Providing links to local community Web sites
  • Acting as a liaison with local businesses, communities and governments

Attracts production companies to our region by:

  • Completing script breakdowns and offering location scouting assistance
  • Providing hard-to-acquire services to out-of-town producers
  • Working with local agencies to develop a complete filming protocol to help streamline the permitting processes, making sure that film production remains a positive benefit to our communities
  • Offering logistical support during film shooting and serving as a reference center. Our office staff is experienced in finding whatever a production company needs, from a trained squirrel to an on-call shiatsu practitioner

Represents the interests of our communities by:

  • Trouble-shooting concerns with local officials
  • Conducting background checks on production companies in order to protect locations and businesses
  • Keeping the public informed, and film friendly by developing and maintaining effective media relations
  • Including links on our Web site to educational facilities, film unions and guilds to provide the much needed information on how to get the training, or, in some cases, how to use existing skills to find work in this rapidly expanding industry