Pacific Audio Works

Kyle Gilmar

Pacific Audio Works is a production company local to Victoria on Vancouver Island. We can supply the following services for video production work:

- Specialty lighting design (concert-style moving lights/LED fixtures), rental and operation
- Rigging including truss, motors, chainfalls, steel, shackles, deck chain etc.
- Small scale production lighting (PAR cans, fresnels up to 2k, stands, lekos) with 2.4k three phase dimming and distribution
- Tape, gel, lamps
- 3 phase power services with FE certified electricians (Generator ops, cam sets, distribution)
- Audio playback/mixing for live events; audio props
- Wired and wireless comm systems
- Licensed two-way radio systems
- Small-scale live video, such as data projectors, Roland video mixers, SDI distribution, flat panel displays with stands

Please contact us with any needs you might have and ask how we can help!

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