“Sonic The Hedgehog” filming in Ladysmith

September 04 2018

We intend to film in Ladysmith based on the following schedule.

Soft Prep
Ÿ Sept 4 to 8 (painting various buildings, gaining rooftop access for lighting preparations, etc)

Hard Prep

Ÿ Sept 10 to 13 (removing various awnings, adjusting store fronts, continuing rooftop access for lighting equipment and laying electrical cables in various alleys, etc.)

Ÿ (Road Closures)
Ÿ Sept 10 - 14 (Friday 6am to 9pm)
Ÿ Sept 17 – 18 (Mon/Tues 3pm to 4am)
Ÿ Sept 19 – 23 (Wed to Sunday 5pm to 7am)
Ÿ During our night filming, additional lighting will make the area brighter than usual.

Tidy Up
Ÿ Sept 24 – 26 (returning to original condition)
During our night filming, additional noise may also be heard in the area due to simulated Special Effects. More details to follow.

Please review map on the reverse for clarity of proposed closures, detours and parking. We have been mindful of our footprint and have requested only what is required to successfully complete our work. Also included are select areas where we’ve indicated the use of ‘drones.’ They will not be flown up and down the street, but will simply be directed straight up to obtain high angle shots of the “Town.”

We do recognize that our presence will cause disruption for Ladysmith residents and business, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any concerns or challenges you may have. We have been working closely with City Hall to provide alternative parking locations, and we will communicate these matters as we get closer to filming. I have been advised that the Town will be setting aside some parking spots for people who live along 1st Avenue and who normally park in the lot behind the Travellers Hotel and the laneway below the Little League Field. I encourage you to call City Hall at 250-245-6400 for more information about this.

In the meantime, should you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact me at If not able to email, please try me at our Burnaby production office at 604-637-1260 and ask for anyone in the Locations Department. General Information regarding filming on Vancouver Island (North) may be obtained by contacting the Community Engagement Manager at the Vancouver Island North Film Commission, at 250-287-2772 or their website at

Hedgehog Films Inc. is committed to provide you with information to help you prepare for our arrival and anticipate how our filming activity might affect your daily routine(s). As of July 23rd, a representative will be in the area to introduce themselves and will be your direct line of contact throughout our film activities.

Once again, thank you for your warm welcome and continued support of the British Columbia Film Industry.

Background Performers:
We will be looking for local folks to work as extras during our filming in Ladysmith. Anyone interested in participating as a “background performer” may apply by simply going to our website and filling out a profile page.

Please forward your applications to We will require everyone to do this as part of the casting process. This is a free paperless casting service we use to contact the performers, we are not agents, so no fees will be charged. Performers may add photos, information about themselves and also update their availability. We will be in contact if we can cast them in our film work in Ladysmith. We also plan to set up a casting session in town in the next few weeks, so please do look out for that information.

Abraham Fraser,
Supervising Location Manager

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